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ASL Poem 1 to 5: Dinosaur

Watch teacher from California School for the Deaf – Riverside sign an ASL poetry, "ASL Poem 1 to 5: Dinosaur."

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ASL Poem Handshape Bent 5: Animals

Watch teacher from California School for the Deaf – Riverside sign an ASL poetry, "ASL Poem Handshape Bent 5: Animals."

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ASL Poem: To a Hearing Mother

Watch ASL poet Ella Lentz share her profound messages for the hearing mother of a Deaf child. This video is translated and subtitled in English.

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ASL Poetry and Literature video collections

View ASL Poetry and Literature Videos, underwritten by a Digitizing Hidden Collection grant from Council of Library and Information Resources (CLIR).

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Caterpillar (ASL Poetry)

Watch Ian Sanborn perform his poem "Caterpillar."

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Evolution of Communication with Ian Sanborn

Watch Ian Sanborn present visual vernacular poetry in ASL as he describes the communication experiences of the Deaf Community.

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Forgiveness (ASL Poetry)

Watch Rosa Lee Timm sign a poem called "Forgiveness" written by Diana Cho.

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Gallaudet’s Favorite Poem (ASL Poem)

Gallaudet has a favorite poem, "The Four Leaved Clover" by Charles Lover. Watch Terrylene recite this poem in ASL.

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The Dogs

Watch an ASL poem based on Deaf poet Ella Mae Lentz's life journey.

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The Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox

Learn about the history of Deaf poetry. Featured in the film are Deaf poets Bernard Bragg, Peter Cook, Patrick Graybill, Ella Mae Lentz, and others.

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