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“I Need My Monster” Book One : ASL Storytelling

The story, "I Need My Monster" by Amanda Noll and Howard McWilliam, is being signed by Jeni Jackerson of Rocky Mountain Deaf School

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“I Spy Under the Sea” : ASL Storytelling

Produced by Rocky Mountain Deaf School Toddler Program, ASL Specialist & Media Specialist Jeni Jackerson introduces "I Spy Under the Sea"

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“The Race for the Chinese Zodiac” in American Sign Language

"The Race for the Chinese Zodiac" is translated in American Sign Language by Lee Ann Tang, a Deaf linguist.

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10 Fat Turkeys

"10 Fat Turkeys", Signed by Jeni Jackerson of Rocky Mountain Deaf School.

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A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. ASL

David A. Adler's "A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr." in ASL by Linden Seaman

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A Very Cranky Bear

Produced by California School for the Deaf, Fremont. Librarian Joann Ikeda introduces “A Very Cranky Bear” by Nick Bland

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An ASL Adaptation of Juneteenth for Mazie

What is Juneteenth? Watch an ASL adaptation of Juneteenth for Mazie, written and illustrated by Floyd Cooper and narrated by Candace Jones.

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Asian ASL Literature: Tree of Cranes

Watch "Trees of Cranes" in American Sign Language. This video was produced by Asian Signers.

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Asian Sign Story: Grandfather’s Journey

Watch and learn what life was like for grandfather who came to America as well as what his life was like in Japan.

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Asian Sign Story: Ruby’s Wish

Watch the story of Ruby who wants to attend a university just like the boys in her family when she grows up.

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