Sign Language

Do you want to learn how to sign? You’re in the right place. Enrolling in sign language classes and meeting people who use American Sign Language is a good way to learn and practice.

This page lists ASL classes and events in Maryland, online courses, sign language organizations, and additional resources.  On this page, we also feature ASL meet-ups and Deaf Community events as other opportunities for you to help develop ASL fluency. 

Check your local library for books and DVDs to supplement your language learning opportunities.

Featured Resources

Signing Savvy

ASL Connect

Local Sign Classes

American Sign Language Studies at McDaniel College

Sign Language Programs and Courses at AACC

American Sign Language at Howard Community College

Local Sign Language Events

ASL Bridge (ASL Practice)

ASL Meetups

Online Sign Classes

Start ASL Online Course

Fingerspelling and Numbers Introduction

ASL Connect

Sign Organizations

Coming soon!

Sign Language Around the World

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Additional Resources

Star Spangled Banner sung by Aretha Franklin and ASL by Rosa Lee

ASL The Declaration of Independence

JULY 4th | ASL Vocabulary

TikToker Teaches Black American Sign Language

ASL Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Day Signs in American Sign Language

How To Sign In BASL (Black American Sign Language)

“Turkey Trouble” : ASL Storytelling

“10 Fat Turkeys” : ASL Storytelling