Deaf Culture and History

Are you a student or a researcher, looking to gather some information? You’re in the right place. This page lists information covering Deaf History, Deaf Culture, and Sign Languages Around the World.

Deaf History

The video, "Deaf History Month: Autism", elaborates on the history of how the term, 'audism', comes to be.
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The Deaf History That video, "Education", on the education of deaf children before Clerc and Gallaudet.
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The film, "Through Deaf Eyes", on the lives of Deaf Americans throughout history
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Deaf Culture

What is Deaf Culture by Flavia Fletcher
Flavia Fleisher gives a definition of Deaf Culture in a brief YouTube presentation.
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Discovering Deaf Worlds strengthens local Deaf communities through capacity building, organizational development and human rights training.
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What is audism? What is deaf gain? How are they defined? View the videos to learn more.
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Additional Resources

NAD''s general information on obtaining mental health services as a deaf individual.
The National Association of the Deaf's research summary of mental health care of deaf individuals.