Deaf Culture and History

Are you a student or a researcher, looking to gather some information? You’re in the right place. This page lists information covering Deaf History, Deaf Culture, and Sign Languages Around the World.

Deaf History

Meet the Millers: Part I: Awareness
View the "Meet the Millers," the story of the history of segregation and integration of Black Deaf students on Gallaudet University campus.
Topic: Black, History
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Watch the first of the nine chapters of "The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL: Its History and Structure" video, written by Carolyn McCaskill, et. al.
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Watch the second video in the 150th Anniversary Video Series, produced by Maryland School for the Deaf.
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Deaf Culture

What is Deaf Culture by Flavia Fletcher
Flavia Fleisher gives a definition of Deaf Culture in a brief YouTube presentation.
Topic: Culture
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Discovering Deaf Worlds strengthens local Deaf communities through capacity building, organizational development and human rights training.
Topic: Services
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What is audism? What is deaf gain? How are they defined? View the videos to learn more.
Topic: Culture
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Additional Resources

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