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“The Race for the Chinese Zodiac” in American Sign Language

"The Race for the Chinese Zodiac" is translated in American Sign Language by Lee Ann Tang, a Deaf linguist.

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Are Asian Too Invisible? Let’s Talk About Hate Speech

Watch a webinar on hate speech, such as xenophobia, racism and bigotry by Deaf speakers of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

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Asian Sign Story: Grandfather’s Journey

Watch and learn what life was like for grandfather who came to America as well as what his life was like in Japan.

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Asian Sign Story: Ruby’s Wish

Watch the story of Ruby who wants to attend a university just like the boys in her family when she grows up.

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Cover thumbnail "Asian Signers, Asian Sign Story: The Name Jar"

Asian Sign Story: The Name Jar

A Korean immigrant struggles with her name as she meets her new class. Watch and learn how she finds her identity.

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Asian Signers

Find signed videos about the Asian culture, literature, and resources.

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Dim Sum for Everyone (Asian ASL Story)

Learn about dim sum in this children's video, Dim Sum for Everyone in American Sign Language. This video is not captioned.

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Interview with Artist Christine Sun Kim

Learn more about Christine Sun Kim, a well renowned AAPI Deaf sound artist and activist during this interview by the SCADA.

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Youmee Lee

Youmee Lee shares her journey as a Deaf designer, filmmaker, printmaker, artist, and teacher.

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