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Youmee Lee

Youmee Lee, who is Deaf, has worked as a designer, filmmaker, printmaker, artist, and teacher for over 7 years supporting Deaf communities. She studied New Media Design and Communication at RIT/NTID (Rochester Institute of Technology) and art for several years in New York City. Youmee worked as lead designer for Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. from 2016 to 2018!

She has also been involved with different festivals and organizations to provide access and advocacy for Deaf communities with creativity and storytelling – Deaf Roc Film Fest, Rochester Deaf Festival, Writers & Books’ Deaf Lens Workshop, and Oiol Festival (Washington, DC).

Her goal is to inspire the community to analyze, value, and preserve cultures of Deaf and People of Color in cinema and art. This film was produced by Communication Services for the Deaf, Inc.

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