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America’s Founders: Friends of the Deaf

In this video, learn the story Thomas H. Gallaudet, T.H. Gallaudet, Laurent Clerc and Dr. Mason Cogwell, who began education for the deaf in America.

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Deaf: Cultures and Communication: 1600 to Present

Learn the history of American School for the Deaf, key historical figures, communication divide, Gallaudet University, DPN and more.

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Edmund Booth Forty-Niner

Edmund Booth, a deaf pioneer whose life spans from 1810 – 1905, is featured in this PDF resource.

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Gallaudet University

The Feather: The Agatha Tiegel Hanson Story

Why was Agatha Tiegel Hanson is important to Deaf Women history and Gallaudet University? To learn more, watch "The Feather" video.

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