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Cover thumbnail, "Deaf Counseling Center"

Deaf Counseling Center

Deaf Counseling Center is an organization of Deaf therapists that provide mental health services.

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Family Service Foundation

Family Service Foundation offers mental health services and includes attention to individuals who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, or Hard of Hearing.

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Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) -Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

JSSA offers mental health services, individual, family and couples counseling, referrals to community resources and employment services.

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Cover thumbnail, "Jooux, Deaf Sexual Wellness Center"


Jooux is a sexual wellness center designed to provide high quality and affordable sexual wellness services to Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of H

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Cover thumbnail, "Mental Health & Well-Being, National Deaf Center"

Mental Health & Well-Being

NDC lists resources which highlight the challenges that deaf individuals have with mental health and accessing care.

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Cover thumbnail, "Mental Health Care for Deaf Individuals, Needs, Risk Factors, and Access to Treatment"

Mental Health Care for Deaf Individuals: Needs, Risk Factors, and Access to Treatment

The National Association of the Deaf's research summary of mental health care of deaf individuals.

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Cover thumbnail, "My Deaf Therapy"

My Deaf Therapy

My Deaf Therapy is a practice that provides therapists for the Deaf Community to improve their health and wellness.

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Cover thumbnail, "Mental Health Services, National Association of the Deaf"

NAD’s Mental Health Services

NAD''s general information on obtaining mental health services as a deaf individual.

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Cover thumbnail "National Center for Transgender Equality"

National Center for Transgender Equality

NCTE advocates for transgender rights, providing resources on legal rights, health, employment, and anti-violence.

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Cover thumbnail, "National Deaf Therapy"

National Deaf Therapy

NDT is a nation-wide organization of therapists providing therapy sessions and support resources for the Deaf community.

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