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Interpretation of the Logo

The Maryland DCDL logo, featured in black, yellow and red colors, represents bilingualism in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English. You will see the letters of the acronym (DCDL) within the logo design.

  • The red represents the letters D and L of the manual alphabet in ASL. 
  • The color yellow, depicted by the “C” letter shape, represents the popular ASL sign for culture.
  • The black arrow (▶) is the play button, which represents digitization, just like how we see it on VCR’s, movie players, and remote controls.

Image Description

  • The logo is shown in black, yellow, and red with white space around it.
  • The color yellow resembles a C in ASL while the color red represents the D and L signs in ASL.
  •  The middle of the logo is a black play button representing digital media.